NWA 6263

Very Unusual CV3 Chondrite



General information:

Carbonaceous Chondrites are chondrites of a special kind. Their high part of carbon (up to 3 %) distinguishes them. Carbonaceous Chondrites were not exposed to any higher temperatures so that they were hardly changed by thermal processes. Carbonaceous Chondrites belong to an rare class.


CV Chondrites = contain water and organic substances, many, large chondrules and CAIs.


NWA 6263 is a very interesting CV. There is alot going on in this meteorite!

Well-formed rounded PO, BO and RP chondrules (some concentrically layered with “dust” rims), plus sparse coarse grained CAI, in a very fine grained dark brown, ferroan matrix. Olivine (Fa13.5-24.8; FeO/MnO = 28.6-75.6), orthopyroxene (Fs9.2-12.9Wo0.9-1.1; 12.5-69.5), clinopyroxene (Fs9.0Wo32.5; FeO/MnO = 5.7).


This is a beautiful polished fullslice of NWA 6263.

The weight of this slice is 6.9g.

Dimensions: 4.9 x 3.3 cm.



Name: NWA 6263

Class: CV3

Shock Grade: S2

Weathering Grade: W2

TKW 347g.




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