Meteorite NWA 6040

Chondrite L3


General information:

Chondrites: ~ 86% of all meteorite cases, the majority of all found meteorites, they contain olivine and orthopyroxenes. (high nickel iron portion). Chondrites contain spherical chondrules, which consist of olivine and and/or pyroxenes/orthopyroxenes. Their nickel iron portion is high (5 to 20 %). Chondrites represent the building material, from that the solar system, the planets and our earth developed.

L - Chondrites: "Low Metal", iron content 21,5%. L-Chondrites contain olivine and pyroxenes.

Type 3 chondritesare the originally received ordinary chondrites, the spherical silicate inclusions (chondrules) are well defined. This means, that type 3 chondrites do not origin from far depth of Asteroids like type 4, 5 or 6 chondrites, this types show less clear chondrules because of thermal metamorphism. Type 3 chondrites are unequilibrated chondrites, and types of 4 - 6 are equilibrated chondrites.

Here we offer a beautiful chondrule-rich fullslice ofNWA 6040.

Weight of the slice: 3.5g.

Dimensions: ~ 3.1 cm x 2.0 cm.



Name: NWA 6040
Purchased in Erfoud, Morocco 2009
Class: Chondrite L3
Tkw: 104g. (1 piece)
Shock Grade: S2
Weathering Grade: W1/2
Fa Mol%: 0.8-30.6
Fs Mol%: 2.4-25.5




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