NWA 7129 Ungrouped Achondrite 0.11g

NWA 7129 Ungrouped Achondrite meteorite that was purchased out of Morocco in September 2011, with a total mass of 50g in one partially crusted stone. This stone was professionally cut and polished by Marlin Cilz of the Montana Meteorite Laboratory and a sample was submitted to Dr Tony Irving for analysis toward classification. With such a low TKW, there is not much of this material to get around, although it is paired with NWA 011/2400/2976/4587. This meteorite contains millimeter-size pigeonite with exsolved augite lamellae surrounded by recrystallized plagioclase with prominent triple junctions, and rare, unrecrystallized, tabular plagioclase relicts. Specimens to which this meteorite is paired have sold for as much as $1000/g, and a good look at the accompanying photographs certainly substantiate that price, pure eye candy for sure. But its the rarity of this ungrouped achondrite that makes it highly sought after.


稀有的NWA 7129 無法分類無球粒隕石End Cut陨石标本4.029


NWA 7129無法分類無球粒隕石隕石20119摩洛哥購買,總量50g這塊隕石蒙大拿州的的馬林Cilz隕石實驗室進行分析專業切割和拋光 本是交給托尼·歐文博士。

因為總量很少 所以在研究領域上有諸多疑問無法解決已經國際命名確認為隕石無疑 該隕石含有毫米大小的易變輝石出溶輝石片層 四周環繞著著名的三聯點相當罕見基質未再結晶,板狀斜長石殘體再結晶的斜長石。



帕爾梅和其他研究人員推測水星作為一個可能的起源。提出了玄武小行星1459 Magnya作為一個可能的母體NWA 011和其配對。該隕石主要由易變輝石和斜長石,與不透明的二氧化矽和少量的磷等礦物質。

有確鑿的證據顯示他與HED太陽星雲中的不同區域的母體NWA 011配對。測量微量元素,這殊類型的隕石,它起源於一個非常遙遠的小行星帶,母親確實是一個小行星。


此科隕石類似noncumulate eucrites基質與紋理,礦物學和化學元素近似也發現重大分歧異常的氧O-同位素組成和其較高的Fe / Mn值。因此,NWA 011配對代表了一種新的類型玄武岩隕石,achondritic,沒有明顯的證據與灶神星eucrites關係。


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