NWA 6414



NWA 6414

Found Sahara, 2010

Differenciated Achondrite, Vestan (HED)


Specimen is a 1.84g slice

TKW 432g



A rare regolithic specimen from the surface of asteroïd 4-Vesta !!!


Eucrites are achondritic stony meteorites, many of which originate from the surface of the asteroid 4 Vesta and as such are part of the HED meteorite group.

They are mostly composed of Ca-poor pyroxene, pigeonite, and Ca-rich plagioclase (anorthite).

Based on differences of chemical composition and features of the component crystals, they are subdivided into several groups:

  • Non-cumulate eucrites Are the most common variety and can be subdivided further:

    • Main series eucrites formed near the surface and are mostly, though not exclusively, regolith breccias lithified under the pressure of overlying newer deposits.

    • Stannern trend eucrites are a rare variety.

    • Nuevo Laredo trend eucrites are thought to come from deeper layers of 4 Vesta's crust, and are a transition group towards the cumulate eucrites.

  • Cumulate eucrites are rare types with oriented crystals, thought to have solidified in magma chambers deep within Vesta's crust.

  • Polymict eucrites are regolith breccias consisting of mostly eucrite fragments and less than one part in ten of diogenite, an arbitrary dividing line from the howardites, which are related in structure. They are comparably rare.

  • 18000元台幣


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