North West Africa 6283

Classification H3.6 Chondrite Meteorite

Status OFFICIAL Meteorite Listed in the Meteoritical Bulletin Database

Purchase or find date NWA Morocco 2006

Total Known Weight

Specimen Weight 3.78g

Shock Level 2


Weathering Level 2

Composition Well formed, relatively small chondrules. Olivine (Fa3.5-25.6; ferroan olivine contains 0.02-0.05 wt.% Cr2O3), orthopyroxene (Fs6.1Wo4.2), pigeonite (Fs10.7Wo9.0), clinopyroxene (Fs4.1Wo40.6), sodic plagioclase, altered kamacite, merrillite, chromite and troilite.

Description This meteorite is a very rare H3.6 type and it was a very lucky find. There are only 35 known meteorites of this type and 29 of those are from Antarctica and are forever off-limits to collectors. This meteorite is loaded with chondrules. This meteorite has a scant 104g TKW (total known weight) and 29g of that is the type sample sitting in the collection of the University of Washington.This leaves only 79g for collectors before cutting losses are taken into account. For type collectors, this may be the only time you see this rare sub-type available for your collection.



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