Unclassified NWA meteorite - 42.9 gram - Impact melt L chondrite

Name: Unclassified NWA

Type: Likely L chondrite

Locality: Morocco

Mass: 42.9 grams

Measurements: 5 x 3 x 1.3 cm


Meteorite Dhofar 010

Chondrite H6,

Impact Melt Breccia

General information:

Chondrites: ~86% of all meteorite cases, the majority of all found meteorites, they contain olivine and orthopyroxenes. (high nickel iron portion). Chondrites contain spherical chondrules, which consist of olivine and and/or pyroxenes/orthopyroxenes. Their nickel iron portion is high (5 to 20 %). Chondrites represent the building material, from that the solar system, the planets and our earth developed.

This is a highly shocked halfstone of DHOFAR 010 with impact melt, IMB.

The weight of this piece is 22.7g.

Latitude: 18°20.3'N
Longitude: 54°11.9'E
Mass (g): 3527.6
Pieces: 16
Class: H6
Shock stage: S3
Weathering grade: W3
Fayalite (mol%): 18.7
Ferrosilite (mol%): 17.7

H-Chondrites: "High Metal", iron content 27,5 %. H-Chondrites contain olivine, pyroxenes as well as bronzite.


Capot Rey Chondrite H5 Breccia

Meteorit / Meteorite - Capot Rey Chondrite H5 Breccia Slice

Specimen Weight: 35 gram

Approx. 86 mm x 53 mm x 2,8 mm


Choice Specimen From Northwest Africa-14.83 gram -Wholesale Price


NWA 6476 (H5 IMB) - TKW: 800 g, found 2010, 22 g - stunning!!!


Its classification is L5 and it has been sliced on a diamond saw and polished to reveal the internal structure. When turned in light it is possible to see small metallic flashes within the piece, hinting at some iron content. It measures approx 4.1 cms x 3.5 cms x 0.4 cms at the widest points.


Meteorite NWA xxxx - IMB - Impact Melt Breccia - unclassified - 367g - very nice

NWA xxxx

unclassified Meteorite

Find 2012

in Sahara, Northwest-Africa

Very nice IMB - Impact Melt Breccia !!

weight: 367g

size: 70 x 60 x 60 mm



品名 :IMB全切四周帶熔殼經典標本
編號 :IMB-5

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