NWA 6043

Carbonaceous Chondrite CR2



CR2 Chondrites: The chondrites of the CR group are called after the fall Renazzo, a meteorite that fell 1824 in Italy. The CR chondrites are related to two other metal-rich groups, the CH and CB chondrites, together they form the CR clan.

CR2 Chondrites belong to a absolutely rare class, there are only 14 NWA CR2's officially published in the Meteoritical Bulletin. CR2 Chondrites are Meteorites of a high scientific importance.

NWA 6043 is a recent find of a CR2, two fragments with a TKW totalling 1220g.




This is a nice endcut of NWA 6043.

The weight of this endpiece is 6.6g.



Name: NWA 6043

Class: Carbonaceous Chondrite CR2

Shock Grade: S2

Weathering Grade: W2

TKW: 1220g.

Fa mol%: 0.4-33.8

Fs mol%: 1.9-3.3




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