Name: Northwest Africa 6163
Abbreviation: NWA 6163
Observed fall: No
Year found: 2008
Country: (Northwest Africa)
Mass:358 g

Northwest Africa 6163 (NWA 6163)

(Northwest Africa)

Purchased: Oct 2008

Classification: Iron meteorite (ungrouped)

History: A single iron mass was purchased from a Moroccan dealer in October, 2008, by M. Graul (Bernau, Germany).

Physical characteristics: The 358 g mass, measuring 70 × 57 × 35 mm, has a cone-like shape with a surface roughly flat and one more convex. The external surface of the meteorite is partially (>50%) covered by a brown fusion crust and presents several roughly circular depressions up to 1 cm in diameter.

Petrography: (M. D’Orazio, DST-PI) Etched sections show a well-preserved heat-affected rim and a peculiar internal structure of sub-equant, 5-10 mm kamacite grains with prominent Neumann bands between which are comb-net plessite bodies. Troilite occurs within kamacite as 1-6 mm rounded inclusions showing lamellar twinning, whereas schreibersite forms 100-500 µm subhedral, elongated crystals often grown at the troilite-kamacite interface. Several inclusions of troilite show, towards their contact with the host kamacite, replacements by chalcopyrite. Many small hollow spaces (from 0.5 to 10 mm in length), sometimes lined with black iron hydroxides, characterize the internal structure of this meteorite. Close to the external surface these cavities are filled with rounded, sand-sized, grains of quartz from the desert soil.

Geochemistry: Composition of the metal (ICP-MS; D’Orazio and Folco 2003) is Co = 0.427, Ni = 8.43 (both in wt%), Cu = 258, Ga = 15.1, Ge = 54.3, As = 11.1, W = 1.55, Re = 0.48, Ir = 4.2, Pt = 9.6, Au = 1.08 (all in ppm). Reference.: D’Orazio, M. and Folco, L. (2003). Chemical analysis of iron meteorites by inductively coupled plasma - mass spectrometry. Geostandards Newsletter 27, 3, 215-225.

Classification: Iron meteorite, ungrouped, with anomalous structure.

下圖為18.7克 發現者唯一留下世界上僅有的 NWA 6163 最好的標本

168600元台幣 約黃金的5倍價格



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