Sayh al Uhaymir 089


SAU 089

Found 2001, Oman



Specimen is a 0.80g slice

Transitive class, transitive petrologic type !!!

Chondrules are well defined, fine-grained, of different types: porphyritic olivine-pyroxene and olivine, radial pyroxene, barred olivine, granular and cryptocrystalline. Shock stage S2; weathering grade W2. The composition of olivine is Fa25.0; the pyroxene composition is Fs6.25–23.4 (n = 20); PMD of Ni content in kamacite is 5.58 (n = 30), and TL sensitivity measurements are in the range of 0.46–1.0 (A. I. Ivliev, Vernad). Microprobe analyses were done by N. Kononkova, Vernad. Bulk iron content is Fe0 = 4.2 wt%.



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