Witnessed fall, Czech Republic, 22 may 1808

Differenciated Achondrite, Vestan (HEDO)


Specimen is a 0.07g slice


The fall

The fall was witnessed by many and dozens of fragments were soon collected by naturalist Karl Schreibers.

The meteorite shower occurred on Sunday 22 May, 1808, shortly before 06:00. The meteorites fell into an elliptic area (strewnfield) oriented north-south with height about 12.5 km and width 4.8 km, into Stonařov and neighbouring villages (among them Otín, Rosice, Cerekvička, Dlouhá Brtnice, Hladov, Stará Říše). The event was witnessed by people on their way into the church. According to the local chronicle the fall took about 8 minutes and the number of meteorites was estimated to 200-300. No person was injured and no property was damaged.

Shortly after the fall Dr. Karl Schreibers, director of natural science collections in Vienna, arrived to the place, organized search for the fragments and thoroughly documented the event.

Sample distribution

Most of the 66 found fragments weight between 32 - 48 g with the largest one having over 6 kg. Total recovered weight was about 52 kg. The stones found their way into museums all over the world. The largest fragment is stored in the Museum of Natural History in Vienna.



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