NWA 2696 Rare Howardite Meteorite 2.0g

GREAT ITEM - NWA 2696 Rare Howardite Meteorite 2.0g


2.0 gram part slice of Northwest Africa 2696, a rare Howardite achondrite found in the Sahara Desert in 2004.  This is a very beautiful meteorite with a multi-colored matrix consisting of light and dark grays with white and black clasts. It is a heavily shocked (S4-6) and brecciated meteorite that has been re-crystallized. This Howardite takes an excellent polish making for a very handsome specimen.  The Total Known Weight (TKW) for NWA 2696 is 6,500 grams. This uncut specimen would make a fine addition to any collection. 



NWA 2696 Howardite 18.10克

NWA 2696 Howardite 钙长紫苏辉石无球粒陨石 其母体来自于四号小型星-灶神星 他是2004年在撒哈拉沙漠被发现
NWA 2696 有非常美丽的彩色结晶数组 基质中布满白色与黑色的碎屑 与月球陨石极为相似
从重新结晶的角砾结构中 我们可以看得出来NWA 2696受到了高程度的冲击(S4-6)



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