New Achondrite Meteorite NWA 5743 “The Enigma Stone” .672g

Enigma: a mystery, something that baffles understanding and cannot be explained; "how it got out is a mystery"; "it remains one of nature's secrets"

.672 gram part slice of Northwest Africa 5743 (provisional), a one-of-a-kind Polymict Achondrite found 2008 in the Sahara desert. This strange achondrite, presumed to be from asteroid 4Vesta is unique in that it displays several lithologies that seem to defy current scientific understanding of asteroids. There are lithologies that appear to be incompatible with one another. First, we have an Olivine Diogenite component, then a metal-rich lithology and finally around a 20% Eucrite fraction.

It is like having three distinct meteorites in one. It cannot be called a Polymict Eucrite because of the olivine portion. It cannot be called a Howardite because it has around 40% Olivine Diogenite. It cannot be called a Diogenite because it only has around a 20% Eucritic component as can be seen in the images. The portion containing metal is a complete mystery and may be from the impactor. This meteorite cries out for the current HEDO classification group to be revised since it is inadequate when trying to place this stone.

Once in an eon, the timeless Saharan sands shift, uncovering secreted treasure. After millennia, the desert momentarily revealed this keeper to a solitary finder. The Sahara Desert only opens its vault for a fortunate few and then only momentarily.

This stone is unbelievably extraordinary!

I knew this stone was something special when I first laid eyes upon it. The crust differed according to lithology. A magnet clung to certain areas and not others. I have never before observed metal-rich regions mixed in with areas that are completely devoid of metal in any achondrite. I was astonished by what I observed when I first cut the 216.4 gram stone. Many distinct and separate lithologies in a single slice; I was simply amazed!

I feel the extremely reasonable buy-it-now price of less than $250.00/gram is far below its real value. There are no other meteorites in the world like it. Add in the exceedingly low Total Known Weight and nothing comes close as far as rarity. A mere 166 grams is all that is left after the type specimen deposit and cutting loses. There are less rare meteorites that have a much higher known weight selling for over $1,000.00/gram and some much more common falls selling for similar prices.



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