NWA 6286 LL6 Chondrite Breccia Meteorite 2.5G

North West Africa 6286


Classification LL6 Chondrite Breccia

Status OFFICIAL Listed in the Meteoritical Bulletin Database

Purchase or find date NWA 2010

Total Known Weight

Specimen Weight  2.5g

Shock Level 2

Weathering Level 0

Composition Fragmental breccia composed of largely recrystallized clasts containing rare chondrules or chondrule fragments. Olivine (Fa29.9-31.4), orthopyroxene (Fs23.9-25.4Wo4.6-2.4), clinopyroxene (Fs8.7-12.4Wo46.8-41.1), sodic plagioclase, chromite, kamacite, taenite and troilite.Description  Introducing a gorgeous and fresh LL6 Breccia meteorite. This was a very exciting find because the appearance of NWA 6286 is similar to what you would expect to see from an Achondrite or Lunar Breccia. Yet classification results have yielded us a exciting new LL6 Brecciated Chondrite meteorite. The necessary precautions were taken while cutting to ensure you have a nice stable specimen, it is polished on both sides with no unsightly saw marks. 




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