NWA 6868 Provisional LL6 Breccia Meteorite 2g

North West Africa 6868


Classification LL6 Breccia Meteorite

Status Provisional Listed in the Meteoritical Bulletin Database

Purchase or find date NWA 2011

Total Known Weight 747g

Specimen Weight  2g part slice

Shock Level 2

Weathering Level 2

Composition Olivine (Fa30.4-30.5), orthopyroxene (Fs25.3-25.6Wo2.7-3.1), clinopyroxene (Fs12.5-13.2Wo40.5-39.8), sodic plagioclase, chromite, troilite and altered kamacite.



Description  Introducing a gorgeous LL6 Breccia meteorite. Recrystallized, mostly poikiloblastic clasts containing rare relict chondrule fragments in a matrix of related debris. The presence of some recognizable chondrule fragments on the microprobe level categorizes it a Type 6 - otherwise it would be an LL metachondrite. NWA 6868 has virtually no pull to a rare earth magnet.


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