NWA 6287 LL5 Chondrite Meteorite 17.2g frag with crust

North West Africa 6287


Classification LL5 Chondrite Meteorite

Status OFFICIAL Listed in the Meteoritical Bulletin Database

Purchase or find date NWA Taliouine, Morocco 2010

Total Known Weight

Specimen Weight 17.2g windowed fragment with a small section of fusion crust

Shock Level 2

Weathering Level 1

Composition Some distinct, moderately large chondrules.  Olivine (Fa27.0-27.1), orthopyroxene (Fs22.6-22.8Wo1.4-1.6), clinopyroxene (Fs7.5-8.1Wo47.4-45.0), sodic plagioclase, chromite, altered kamacite and troilite.



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