NWA 6288 Eucrite Breccia Meteorite 2.8g Part Slice


Purchase or find date NWA Taliouine, Morocco 2010

Total Known Weight 293g


Specimen Weight 2.8g part slice


Composition Fresh breccia (probably monomict) composed of clasts and mineral fragments from cumulate eucrite material. Pigeonite (Fs30.2-58.6Wo7.3-6.5; FeO/MnO = 32.2-33.4). clinopyroxene (Fs26.7-28.9Wo42.8-42.0; FeO/MnO = 31.0-30.3), calcic plagioclase, silica polymorph, chromite, ilmenite, troilite and rare metal (with slight secondary staining).


Description Introducing a gorgeous and incredibly rare Eucrite Breccia meteorite. NWA 6288 is a new find from the deserts of North West Africa. On the outside, this meteorite has that faded looking yellow crust that is signature of eucrites. However interestingly enough cutting revealed that it looked more like a diogenite, a macroscopic inspection of appearances would lead you to believe it's paired it to NWA 4473, NWA 4965, or NWA 6293 which are diogenites. However the scientific analysis has revealed that this rare meteorite is in fact a unique and interesting eucrite breccia with diogenitic clasts. You can never put enough emphasis on the importance of scientific analysis, and you can never be certain about pairings from visual observations alone.


North West Africa 6288

Classification Eucrite Breccia


Status OFFICIAL Meteorite Listed in the Meteoritical Bulletin Database



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