NEA 001 Very Rare Lunar/Moon Meteorite 26mg

Name: Northeast Africa 001
Abbreviation: NEA 001
Observed fall: No
Year found: 2002
Country: Sudan
Mass:help 262 g

Northeast Africa 001


Found 2002 April

Lunar meteorite (anorthositic regolith breccia)

A brownish gray stone weighing 262 g was found by a prospector in northern Sudan near the Libya/Egypt/Sudan boundary in 2002 April.  Fusion crust is absent, fresh surface is gray to dark gray, and terrestrial alteration products are present at the meteorite edges and in penetrating cracks and veins.  Classification and mineralogy (J. Haloda and P. Tycova, PCU): a clast-rich anorthositic regolith breccia containing numerous mineral fragments and lithic clasts embedded in a well-consolidated microcrystalline impact melt matrix. Lithic clasts (up to 1 cm in size) are mainly of anorthositic lithologies; impact-melt breccias of anorthositic composition are abundant and show commonly breccia-in-breccia textures.  Fragments of primary igneous rocks of anorthositic to gabbroic composition are common, containing plagioclase An95.1-97.2, low-Ca pyroxene En46-65 Wo2.1-5 and high-Ca pyroxene En35-48Wo37-44 and rare olivine Fo79.4.  Sparse clasts of mare basalts (consisting of pigeonite+anorthite+accessory ilmenite), and glass fragments and spherules are present.  Mineral fragments are of various composition: feldspar, An92-99; orthopyroxene, Wo2-4En49-80; clinopyroxene, Wo9-39En50-87; olivine, Fo48-82 (Fe/Mn 93-100 atom%); accessory minerals are Mg-Al spinel, chromite, ilmenite (2-5 wt% MgO), troilite, FeNi metal and silica.  Several pyroxene grains have marginal symplectitic intergrowths of fayalite+hedenbergite+silica after former pyroxferroite.  Composition of the impact-melt matrix is (wt%): SiO2 = 45.7, Al2O3 = 24.1, FeO = 7.2, MgO = 7.4, CaO = 14.6, Na2O = 0.5, TiO2 = 0.5.  Secondary calcite, barite, gypsum and Fe hydroxides occur in cracks.  Specimens: type specimen, 20 g, and one polished thin section, PCU; 5.8 g, and one polished thin section, UWS; 59.66 g, ROM; 60 g, xHupé; 9.7 g, Gregory; main mass with finder.

NEA 001 Very Rare Lunar/Moon Meteorite 26mg

26 milligram part slice of NEA 001(Official), a lunar meteorite classified as an exceedingly rare Anorthositic Regolith Breccia with a Mare component found near the Libya/Egypt/Sudan boundary in April of 2002.  This material was previously sold as the now famous non-NWA lunar meteorite.  Congratulations should be given to anyone who purchased this material under the temporary designation, as the classification is an extremely rare subtype.


This dark-gray meteorite contains numerous mineral fragments and clasts of feldspathic rocks imbedded in a glass-rich impact-melt breccia with about a 5% Mare component.  A Total Known Weight (TKW) of 262 grams is officially recorded for this lunar meteorite.  Not only is this a rare lunar regolith breccia, it is the first meteorite with a NEA designation marking a real milestone for meteorites found in Northeast Africa.  This material is very similar to Calcalong Creek and in our opinion displays just as nice with generous amounts of anorthositic clasts.



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