Name: Forestburg (a)
Year found: 1957
Country: United States

FORESTBURG, Montague County. Texas, USA; φ = 33°30'N, λ = 97°39'W.

FOUND 1957, 26.6 kg.

Montague County, Texas, USA

Found 1957

Ordinary chondrite (L5)

A 26.6 kg stone was found in a dry creek bed by Mr. Willard Freeman; the stone may have been transported by water. The 26.1 kg meteorite called Forestburg in Graham et al. (1985) is now classified as an L4 chondrite (shock stage S2, weathering grade W4) and will be designated henceforth as Forestburg (a); these two L chondrites are not paired. Mineralogy and classification of Forestburg (b) (T. J. McCoy, SI; A. J. Ehlmann, TCU): olivine, Fa25.8; pyroxene, Fs21.6; shock stage S5, weathering grade W1; the chondrite is shock blackened and contains impact melt clasts. See McCoy and Ehlmann (1996) for details. Specimens: TCU.




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