This Sahara 02500

meteorite polished block (aka Wadi Mellene) was found in 2001 and weighs 55.1 grams! 

Overall dimensions measured at widest points:

61mm x 32mm x 9mm  

Date: 2001-2002
Latitude: llb°28'029-02'198
Longitude: llb°03'252-50'543
Mass (g): 410850
Pieces: many
Class: L3
Shock stage: S2
Weathering grade: W1
Fayalite (mol%): 26+/-2
Classifier: A. Jambon, UPMCPa
Type spec mass (g): 650
Type spec location: 26.25g and 62.09g, P. Gillet, ENSL, 516.16g, 19.07g and 26.45g, UPMCPa
Main mass: 410 kg, Caillou Noir
Comments: [note from database editor: these coordinates are in a secret code known only to M. Franco]




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