This NWA 5950 CV3 carbonaceous meteorite weighs 7.4 grams!

This meteorite from Northwest Africa has a provisional classification of CV3, W3-4 and was purchased in June 2009 from a dealer in Morocco.  NWA 5950 has a low total known weight (TKW) of just over 11 kg.

General information regarding this meteorite:

Carbonaceous meteorites are some of the most primitive meteorites and often display small to large white inclusions. These calcium-aluminum inclusions (CAIs) are believed to be some of the first formed minerals in our solar system. CV chondrites are named after the 1910 Vigarano fall in Italy. CV type meteorites are know for densly packed chondrules that account for 44% of the volume on average. In addition, CV3 meteorites display an abundance of CAIs compared to other types.





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