Name: Northwest Africa 4502 CV3 stone meteorite 


Item for auction is a NWA 4502 individual  CV3 carbonaceous chondrite meteorite from the deserts of North West Africa. This specimen shows little weathering. This specimen would make an excellent addition to your collection, 

NWA 4502 CV3 is a very rare type of meteorite, a Carbonaceous Chondrite, (CV3). It is shock level 1 and weathering level 1

Name: NWA 4502
Purchased: Erfoud
Purchase or find date: 2005


品名 :NWA 4502 撒哈拉沙漠CV3碳質球粒隕石
編號 :NWA4502-3.14
價格 :NTD 3600
    RMB: 735

品名 :NWA 4502 撒哈拉沙漠CV3碳質球粒隕石
編號 :NWA4502-7.55
價格 :NTD 7600
    RMB: 1,551

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