Name: Northwest Africa 2086 富鈣鋁包體
     This is an OFFICIAL meteorite name.
Abbreviation: NWA 2086
Observed fall: No
Year found: 2003
Country: (Northwest Africa)
Mass: 780 grams
Place of purchase: Rissani
Date: Nov 2003
Mass (g): 780
Pieces: many
Class: CV3
Shock stage: S1
Weathering grade: W1
NWA 2086 is a very rare type of meteorite, a Carbonaceous Chondrite, (CV3). It is shock level 1 and weathering level 1

 Item for auction is a 2.44g full slice of the NWA 2086 CV3 carbonaceous chondrite.  Its fairly fresh with a weathering grade of W1, with a medium gray matrix filled with sharply defined chondrules of many shapes and sizes.  This particular specimen features many Calcium Aluminum Inclusions, or CAI in the matrix.  This material reminds me a little of Axtell, and smells a bit like Allende.  This is very fresh CV material from out of the desert - most have weathered surfaces and low contrast, oxidized and darkened matrices - but this meteorite is fairly fresh with a distinct CV aroma to it.  This specimen features many CAIs and and a very strange dark inclusion

經典標本 18600 元台幣



品名 :NWA 2086 CV3碳質球粒隕石
編號 :NWA2086-0.296
價格 :NTD 2200
    RMB: 449

品名 :NWA 2086 CV3碳質球粒隕石
編號 :NWA2086-0.346
價格 :NTD 2076
    RMB: 424

品名 :NWA 2086 CV3碳質球粒隕石
編號 :NWA2086-0.351
價格 :NTD 2160
    RMB: 441

品名 :NWA 2086 CV3碳質球粒隕石
編號 :NWA2086-0.387
價格 :NTD 2800
    RMB: 571

品名 :NWA 2086 CV3碳質球粒隕石
編號 :NWA2086-0.391
價格 :NTD 2346
    RMB: 479

品名 :NWA 2086 CV3碳質球粒隕石
編號 :NWA2086-0.464
價格 :NTD 3200
    RMB: 653

品名 :NWA 2086 CV3碳質球粒隕石
編號 :NWA2086-0.498
價格 :NTD 2988
    RMB: 610

品名 :NWA 2086 CV3碳質球粒隕石
編號 :NWA2086-0.538
價格 :NTD 3228
    RMB: 659

品名 :NWA 2086 CV3碳質球粒隕石
編號 :NWA2086-0.563
價格 :NTD 3378
    RMB: 689

品名 :NWA 2086 CV3碳質球粒隕石
編號 :NWA2086-3.2

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