The specimen you are bidding on, Davy (b), is 1.28 grams by 3 X 10 X 13 mm in size. It will come as pictured in a 38 mm membrane box along with a specimen / certificate of authenticity from the Kansas Meteorite Society. Davy (b), an interesting H4, S2, W2 chondrite found in Dewitt County, Texas, USA in 1981. A Total Known Weight (TKW) of only 3.77 kilograms was found at coordinates 29° 0’ 30” N., 97° 42' 20" W.   The provenance of this specimen- Davy (b); I purchased this meteorite from Bernie Vajdl on12/01/2010 and Bernie purchased this meteorite from the Hupe Collection. The $2.50 shipping cost is the flat fee to ship this Meteorite anywhere in the USA and $3.50 anywhere in the world. No additional charge for combined shipping inside of the USA. No additional charge for combined shipping, outside of the USA, for each additional item.

Davy (b) 1.2g

De Witt County, Texas, USA

Found before 1981

Ordinary chondrite (H4)

A 3.77 kg stone was found by Mr. Raymond Kyrisch.  The meteorite formerly known as Davy will henceforth be called Davy (a) and is now reclassified as an L4 chondrite (shock stage S2, weathering grade W4). Mineralogy and classification of Davy (b) (T. J. McCoy, SI; A. J. Ehlmann, TCU):  olivine, Fa18.6; pyroxene, Fs16.3; shock stage S2; weathering grade W2.  See McCoy and Ehlmann (1996) for details. Specimens:  main mass, TCU.



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