NWA 6352

 NWA 6352

Found Sahara, 2010

Carbonaceous Chondrite

Ornans Type : CO3.4

Specimen is a   is a 1.28g crusted endcut !

Total Known Weight is 1277g

Description :

Well-formed small chondrules and sparse, small CAI (one containing a large grain ofhibonite). Olivine (Fa0.9-55.5; Cr2O3 content in ferroan olivine ranges from 0.04-0.12 wt.%),orthopyroxene (Fs1.3-4.2Wo0.9), clinopyroxene (Fs1.3-3.9Wo36.7-41.4), kamacite and troilite.

 Why this meteorite is the twinn sister of thefamous historic Ornans meteorite :

 On 39657 official meteorites, only 225 are CO3 (called the Ornans group)

On 225 meteorites on the Ornans group, only 5 are CO3.4, exactly like the Ornans meteorite (include this first witnessed fall)

My NWA 6352 is the number 6, the second after Ornans (TKW 6Kg) in term of mass

NWA 6352 is the more fresh CO3.4 after Ornans with a weathering grade of only W1


Fun fact, I live in Besançon, a city about 20 km of the place where Ornans meteorite fell in Jully 1868, and I am the main mass holder of its twin sister : NWA 6352 !

Name: Northwest Africa 6352
Fieldname: K157
Origin/pseudonym: Northwest Africa
Purchased: Besancon
Purchase or find date: 2010 Aug
Lat/long: ,
Mass: 1277
Pieces: 1
Specimens: 2.6 g UWS, 18.4 Bathurst
Description: CO3
Name assigned to: A. J. Irving
Date assigned: 2010-10-25
Assigned by: Mike Weisberg





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