Wadi Mellene



Wadi Mellene

Found Sahara, 2001-2002



Specimen is a 0.53g slice

Note the grey angular, non-chondritic in texture, inclusion in this specimen !




Classification: Chondrite : L3.8-6, S2, W1
Macroscopic Aspect
: Nearly complete brown greenish fusion crust. About 60% chondrules, from one mm to nearly 50 microns, grey and white in a slightly oxydized matrix. Numerous clasts (about 5-10% vol, but this is only a guess due to statistical considerations) of several types. 1) some dark to light grey and angular from a few mm to several cm. 2) brown and irregular 3) Angular dark-brown from a few mm to a few tenths of mm. Metal and sulfide occur as spot of a few mm to a few tenths of mm. Conspicuous signs of oxydation.
Mineralogy: olivines Fo 74 ±2 (68-86), pyroxenes Mg#77±5 (68-86). Numerous clasts of small size (a few mm or less) some of which dark and nearly opaque others sub-opaques or well cristallized without matrix with broken chondrules some of small size and made up of matrix. Typical porphyric chondrules, a few barred chondrules, sometimes broken. Some devitrified partially vitrous. Metal and sulfides partly oxydized.








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