NWA 6445



NWA 6445

Found Sahara, 2009

Carbonaceous Chondrite

Ornans Type : CO3

Specimen is a 0.39g slice

TKW for this meteorite is 571g



This C03 is relatively fresh, you can see on the carbonaceous matrix a lot of free kamacite (metallic nickel/iron alloy) rarely seen like that in a CO3 type meteorite!


Carbonaceous chondrites, or C chondrites, are a class of chondritic meteorites comprising at least 7 known groups and many ungrouped meteorites. They include some of the most primitive known meteorites and represent only a small proportion (4.6%) of meteorite falls. These are named after a prominent meteorite—often the first to be discovered—in the group. For CO3, the small town of Ornans (famous for the painter Gustave Courbet), in France (not far from my home in the French department Doubs!).

CO3 meteorite can contain organic compounds such as simple formic and acetic acid, to much complex as alpha-amino acid, adenine and guanine (the "G" and the "A" in the basic DNA code made of guanine (G), adenine (A), thymine (T), and cytosine (C))... all common in any lifeform! With an other small chondrules carbonaceous chondrite group, CO3 are sometimes considered as come from a comet.

Name: Northwest Africa 6445
Fieldname: K 151
Purchased: Erfoud
Purchase or find date: 2010
Lat/long: ,
Mass: 571
Pieces: 1
Specimens: 21.01
Name assigned to: Bunch
Date assigned: 2010-11-11
Assigned by: Mike Weisberg


下圖為 0.51克



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