Research for Megacryometeors of Fengning and Renqiu in Hebei Province,China (Being continued)

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 Collecting the samples of comet is a remote dream for all my life.I tried my best to realize the dream. First ,let’s come to the course of Ice falls of Fengning and Renqiu:

 Ice falls of Fengning in Hebei

 On fifth,June 2010, Yang Xiuqin,a farmer from Bodong Village,Boluonuo Town,Fengning Manchu Nationality County,Chengde City,Hebei Province suddenly heard a strange sound" whoo...whoo..." from the sky at about 8:40am while she was loosening the soil with a hoe in the corn field of her own by the Mangniu River, from the clear sky fell down a resounding white object in the forest about 300 meters away.

Fengning-Icefalls-No.1 Pit Weighed about 60kgs

Yang Xiuqin was very surprised , hesitated for a moment, there came the strange sound" whoo...whoo..."again from the sky, she looked up and saw another white objects falling down from the sky, collapsed in the corn field by the river about 200 meters away. Yang Xiuqin  was shocked this time when she looked up and saw there were no clouds in the clear sky and no planes passing by, how could the objects fall down ?

Fengning-Icefalls-No.2 Pit Weighed about 20kgs

The two blocks of  Ice falls collapsed with the interval of 200 meters or so. The two biggest blocks smashed the ground into pits ,75cms deep and they have already fallen into pieces to the smallest diameter of about 30 cms. It really happened that there were no planes passing by when the icefalls came down from the sky, and it’s a fact that it was a fine day. Wu Xiaojun, head master of Meteorology Bureau in Fengning Manchu Nationality County also fully proved that from 8:00am to 9:00am on June 5, 2010, both the cloud atlas of satellites and radar screen indicated that It was a fine day , because there were no clouds within the range of several hundred kms around this area at that time.

 Megacryometeors of Fengning is a witnessed fall event.

 Megacryometeors of Renqiu in Hebei

 The satellite aerial on his roof has been crushed out of shape, the ten bricks used for fixing up the aerial were smashed into pieces,and some Ice falls were scattered around it. The vice head master of Meteorology Bureau of Renqiu City specially checked the cloud atlas of satellites and radar screen. He indicated that  there were no hail clouds and convective rain clouds in the cloud atlas of satellites, and no portants from the radar screen.Master Peng said that if it were haily,it should not be one block, it shoud be on large scale all around the village.

Some villagers told the reporter that they even heard the sound “Whom…”before the Ice falls smashed.When the Ice falls came, Mr.Liu’s wife was sleeping.She woke up by a bang and felt the whole room shaking.She said that she thought it was an earthquake and ran out of the room, but she found nothing strange and was back in her room suspiciously.

A moment later, she was amused by the uproarious talk outside. “ I went out of my room, the villagers were standing on the rooves around my house and looking at the roof of my house, talking  with animated gestures.

 Mr.Liu’s wife said that she got to know the big movement just now when she inquired the villagers in the crowd around and heard that all the people thought it had happened an earthquake because the neighbours’houses are also shaking, and they ran out of their houses.

When they found it was not an earthquake at all,some villagers said the big sound was from Mr.Liu’s roof, many people climbed up their own rooves and watched Mr.Liu’roof,and then they found the satellite aerial on Liu’s roof has been severely crushed out of shape

 Hebei Renqiu Megacryometeors is a collision event.

 Megacryometeors can be used to differ from Hail,the ice blocks formed under the condition of ordinary atmosphere.In a word,  Megacryometeors emphasize on a kind of ice blocks formed under the condition of the special atmosphere on the earth, but this is different from the hails, yet it does existon the earth. Up to now, the scientists believe the Megacryometeors must have the possibility that the ice blocks might be fallen from the outer space, but none of even one ice block has been proved coming from the outer space.


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